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There are crumbs of information, and then there are “Crums” of information. Ashley Crum, a 2010 graduate of Columbia High School, is a Pharmacy Tech at Farmer’s MedShoppe. Ashley worked at Farmer’s MedShoppe for almost two years before moving to Louisiana. She’s back in Marion County, and she shared many morsels of knowledge for this edition of our Farmer’s Focus.

Farmer’s MedShoppe: Why did you decide to work at Farmer’s MedShoppe?
Ashley Crum: I’ve been attending church with Clayton and Tonya [Farmer] since I was 13 years old, and I’ve always loved them. When the opportunity arose to work for them, I did not hesitate!

FMS: What’s it like working with Clayton Farmer?
AC: When I was a college student, I was in a bind and needed a job. Clayton offered me a job as a cashier and guided me toward becoming a pharmacy technician. I love working for Clayton. He has created such a great work atmosphere. He’s hilarious and laid back. He always keeps us laughing.

FMS: Describe your role—and even a day in the life.
AC: My ultimate role is to help people who are hurting and sick. I try to fill their medicine as quickly and efficiently as possible. There is always work to do like filling meds, typing prescriptions, organizing shelves and more, but…the main priority is to stop, listen and help whoever walks in our door—in the best way possible.

FMS: What do you love about Foxworth and Marion County?
AC: I love working in a small town and seeing familiar friendly faces everyday. I love how personal Foxworth and Marion County are. It feels like home to me!

FMS: If you were a customer or patient, why would you go to Farmer’s MedShoppe?
AC: Everyone is kind and willing to help. The employees are personal, and they truly care about others and their wellbeing. The facility is clean, well kept and always welcoming. Plus, I can shop in the gift shop and buy cute stuff!

FMS: When you’re not at Farmer’s MedShoppe, what do you like to do?
AC: I enjoy singing and being involved at Woodlawn Church.

For this native of Monroe, Louisiana, Columbia will always be home.

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