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Let’s go inside Farmer’s MedShoppe and go directly to the pharmacy. That’s where you will meet Tabitha Ervin who is from Tylertown. She is a West Marion High School graduate and has been a Pharmacy Tech for two and half years. Let’s get to know her in this edition of the Farmer’s Focus.

Farmer’s MedShoppe: Describe your role at FMS.
Tabitha: As a Pharmacy Technician, I make sure patients get their medication, and I help them the best that I can with their needs.

FMS: Why did you decide to work at FMS?
Tabitha: There are great people to work with. I had worked with most of my co-workers at a previous job, and I knew I would have great co-workers here. Good work hours, too!

_X2I6649-2FMS: What’s it like working with Clayton Farmer?
Tabitha: Clayton is a great boss. He is a fun, loving person who is great to work with.

FMS: What do you love about Foxworth and Marion County?
Tabitha: It’s a small town where everybody just about knows everyone.

FMS: If you were a customer or patient, why would you go to Farmer’s MedShoppe?
Tabitha: I would go to Farmer’s MedShoppe because it’s a very friendly, caring environment.

TMS: What do you like to do outside of work?
Tabitha: When I’m not at Farmer’s MedShoppe, I enjoy going to church, spending time with family, and I enjoy shopping.

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