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Since the summer of 2015, Hailey Hamilton has been a registered nurse on The Clinic at Farmer’s MedShoppe. The Lawrence County native loves the strong community that exists here in Marion County, and she has thrived in her role at Farmer’s MedShoppe.

In fact, when Clayton Farmer offered her the position to be Jackie Stuckey’s nurse, it didn’t take long too accept the job and fall in love with the position. Hailey provides her insight into her role as a registered nurse and describes life at Farmer’s MedShoppe in this Farmer’s Focus…

FMS: What’s the best way to describe your role as a registered nurse?
Hailey Hamilton: My role as a nurse is to take care of sick patients. This includes ensuring patient’s have their medications, referring them to a specialist and building relationships. I love my job, but there is a lot more to being a clinic nurse than it seems!

FMS: You have an associate’s degree in nursing (2013) and a bachelor’s degree in nursing (2014), but what led you down this career path?
HH: I initially got into medicine because there was job stability. After beginning nursing school, I quickly fell in love with it. I love to take care of my patients.

FMS: How would you describe Jackie Stuckey?
HH: I would describe her as a profound Christian woman carrying out God’s work. She truly loves and cares for her patients. Jackie is fun and full of life. I love being her nurse!

FMS: What’s it been like working for Clayton?
HH: Working with Clayton is such an awesome opportunity. He is a little more laid back than most “bosses.” He is like family. Clayton always stresses the importance of making our patients feel like they are at home. He genuinely cares for his staff beyond the workplace. I am grateful for such an inspirational person.

FMS: What’s your life like outside of work?
HH: Outside of work, I am consumed with being a mommy to two daughters, Avalynne and Lilly. I love spending time with family and traveling.

FMS: Share a health tip.
HH: Hand washing is easy to do, and it’s one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of infection.

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