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Demetra Carney is a creative soul. This is one of the many reasons Tonya and Clayton Farmer asked Demetra to manage the boutique inside Farmer’s MedShoppe.

“I’ve always been intrigued by fashion. I grew up designing clothes with my mom, and I actually thought about a career in it,” Demetra recalled. “I have a degree in interior design. I’m very intrigued with the whole creative process. I’m also a musician. I teach piano and voice.”

In our previous blog post, we introduced Demetra and shared her background. Since posting her inductor blog, Farmer’s MedShoppe showcased the greatness of the boutique with two open house events.

“The open house [on Thursday night] was awesome,” a guest posted on Facebook. “Thanks for a great night. Enjoyed the shopping, but more than that, [I] enjoyed the time spent with friends and family.”

The concept of Farmer’s MedShoppe is so unique that it’s perfect for a creative soul like Demetra. Where else can you get a medical check-up, drop-off/pick-up a prescription, request a hard-to-find medication, and get Christmas gifts—all under one roof? It’s a creative concept, and Demetra fits right into it.

“I have a little bit of the whole artsy personality, quirks and everything that goes with it,” Demetra said. “I even enjoyed designing and decorating my house. I got great joy out of that. I pretty much designed my floor plan, and I picked out everything in the house.”

Demetra is entrusted with deciding on the floor plan for the boutique inside Farmer’s MedShoppe. Whether it’s scarves, shirts, candles, special signs and much more, Farmer’s MedShoppe is your one-stop shop for a healthy holiday season.

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