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Ah, Christmas memories. ‘Tis the season to remember your special moments with family and friends at Christmas time as well as to look forward to the Christmas memories yet to be made. We asked our Farmer’s MedShoppe team to share their Christmas memories with you…


Jackie Stuckey, Family Nurse Practitioner

Jackie Stuckey – Family Nurse Practitioner – “Christmas is all about celebrating the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. My favorite memories and best gifts are one and the same. My favorite Christmases are when all my children and grandchildren are together under one roof.”

Caryn Burkett – Registered Nurse – “…everyone in PJ’s, taking turns opening presents, Christmas tree lit up and the Christmas Movie playing on TV…dumplings cooking on the stove, Family fellowship and laughter.”

Garrett Douglas – Family Nurse Practitioner – “Christmas is a time when family comes together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. My Daddy’s family has a dinner on Christmas Eve and my Mother’s family has dinner on Christmas Day. We exchange presents at Mother and Daddy’s house Christmas Eve. My favorite Christmas memory happened when I was a young child. It snowed Christmas Eve, and my cousins and I were playing in the snow. My grandmother had yard decorations of Santa’s village. We were throwing snowballs at Santa, and I hit him and he fell over. When they asked us what happened, I said, “He just fell over.” My Aunt pulled a VHS tape out, and they had filmed what happened. Everyone thought it was funny except for my Daddy, who got on to me for lying. I didn’t get a spanking, and I think that probably had to do with my grandmother asking for me not to get in trouble. That was a great memory.”

Stephanie Stewart – Pharmacy Tech – “Family, Jesus, Laughter, Christmas Tree, Fun, Gifts, Bonfires, Candy, and being with the ones we love. I have all kinds of awesome memories of Christmas, but I miss my Daddy! That’s the only thing not the same…not the same without him!”

Jennifer Windham – Clerk – “The birth of Christ…it’s a day we should all be thankful for. The best gift to me is to have all of my family together on Christmas. I enjoy putting my tree up and getting the food prepared. What I enjoy the most of it all is watching my kids on Christmas Day.”

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